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2018 “Action Through Inaction”, Liang Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan




“Action Through Inaction”

The third chapter, which is also the concluding one, “Action Through Inaction,”is the continuation of this long-term artistic exploration. The series features the internalization of emotions and feelings to express the concern for the land to be healed. When we are viewing the mountains, under their appearance hides the occurrence of the environment’s emotional release after it personifies the overloads with human activities. The endless exploitation makes Nature’s counter-attack the most ordinary scene. However, even though the harm is done now, if we adopt an action through inaction, following the course of Nature, Nature will heal itself in accordance with the laws of the Universe. The title of the series is borrowed from Laozi’s idea of “having arrived at this non-inaction, there is nothing that he does not do.” If human action is not motivated by true Nature but our own interest, making “benefit” our only goal and acting blindly to fulfill the goal, the result is the unavoidable alienation of humanity, followed by phenomena of hypocrisy, obscenity, and absurdity everywhere.

Written by CHOU Tai-Chun

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